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EUFA Champions League Football 2021/22 Club Stats Data Visualization and Analysis

Photo by Janosch Diggelmann on Unsplash

Thirty two of Europe’s best soccer teams have recently competed in the EUFA Champions League Football season 2021 / 2022. Real Madrid won the competition after beating Liverpool in the final. The competition is over, but it is ‘immortalized’, if you will, in the form of statistics. We can have a look at the stats to get an idea of how the competition went on and how the clubs performed.

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Exploring U.S. Births Data by Race and State (2007 – 2019)

Upon reading news about the recent tragic shooting in Buffalo, New York, United States we came across a mention about a specific data. That data was births data, claimed to show decline of the number of births of a certain race. This decline was reported to be one of the reasons that instigated the violence.

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Curved Shapes and Triple-Layer Patterns from U.S. Peoples’ Multiple Causes of Deaths Data (1999 – 2020)

Source: Aron Visuals on Unsplash

There are patterns in causes of deaths of U.S. people. I plotted the data as individual states with death rates along years and causes of deaths (c.o.d.) variables. Three layers are visible in these graphs. By far the most frequently occuring c.o.d. are heart disease and cancer which constitute the top layer. C.o.d. in the middle layer are moderately frequent. The middle layer comprises various diseases. The most commonly found c.o.d. in there are diseases of the respiratory, digestive, or nervous system, and external causes. The bottom layers comprises c.o.d. that are relatively rare. When plotted in single c.o.d., death rates of several c.o.d. show well-defined curved trends, suggesting their predictability potential. However, the overall patterns in these single c.o.d. graphs are not as marked and as consistent as the death rates plotted in single states.

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