Google Trends Trending Search Daily Brief 2022-04-01

We track Google Trends trending search every day. The countries we track are United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Russia, India, Japan, France, Germany, South Korea. This report is for 1th April 2022 data. Please visit Google Trends Trending Search Monitor data dashboard for more details.


Harry Styles is trending due to his recent release of his new song “As It Was”. Ramadan 2022 pertains to preparation of the upcoming Ramadan month for moslems. The keyword ‘Bushmasters’ pertains to a type of armored military vehicle that Australia is going to send to Ukraine. There are several keywords about football and World Cup soccer competitions. April Fools is also searched for in the area. One politic keywords trending in Australia is “Anthony Albanese”, an opposition leader from the Labor Party who pledged billions of dollars to aged care industry if his party wins in next election.


People here search for World Cup draw soccer competition. April Fools is also popular. One of the April Fools prank was that Twitter plan to add edit tweet feature. Recent event in cricket game is searched for, as reflected in terms “PBKS vs KKR” and “LSG vs CSK”. Ukraine attacked fuel depot in Belgorod Russia. This was searched for in Singapore. Causeway is about the reopening of Malaysia – Singapore border after it was closed for nearly two years.


Hilal is about the mark of the beginning of fasting Ramadan month for moslems. Several keywords are about Ramadan month, i.e. “Arab Saudi puasa 2022”, “Niat sholat tarawih”, “Muhammadiyah”, “hilal”. Indonesia is the largest country with moslem population. There were small earthquake happening whose effect can be felt in Jakarta. About the economy, the recent rise in fuel price of Pertamax Turbo type and the rise of value-added tax (PPN – Pajak Pertambahan Nilai) is also in the trending search.






The “Ramadan” topic pertains to the upcoming fasting month for moslems. Many of the topics here concerns the entertainment world. For example, about Jim Carrey retiring from acting after Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Harry Style’s new song, the movie The Bubble. Several rare economic topics that made it to top ranks are “Council tax rebate” and “Premium Bonds”.


The top topic in the list is Uconn Connecticut Huskies women’s basketball. There is also “Ramadan 2022”. There are several topics from the sports NFL, NBA basketball, baseball. There is also news about Jen Psaki leaving he White House for MNBC and Will Smith’s resignation from The Academy. There’s a topic about legalization of marijuana.