Twitter Trending Topic Daily Brief 2022-04-01

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Here is the report for 1th April 2022. This report is based on data collected on 1th April 2022, 12 pm GMT+7.


There are no noticable trending topics with exceptional impact. Most of the topics seem to be about sports and entertainment, especially K-Pop (Jungkook) and Harry Style’s song As It Was. Of particular interest may be the the rise of topic about April Fools.


The topics is dominated by entertainment terms. Several topics that seem to pertain to politics appear, i.e. Albo for PM, Australian parliament. April Fools topic are popular here, too.


Entertainment and sports dominate the topics. A topic about politics, Mckinsey Macron gate, also appear in the top ranks.


The top German trending topics is ‘April April’. It seems popular for the people there to welcome the new month of April. The topic of Trans Day of Visibility is also in the top rank. This topic seems to be about awareness of rights of Trans Gender people.


The top rank of Indian trending topic is about K-Pop star Jungkook. The Indian Twitter also welcomes the new month April with April Fools conversations.


The Indonesian trending topic is dominated by entertainment topic, namely Jungkook, Viviz, Harry Style’s song As It Was.


The Japanese trending topic is written in Japanese characters, except one topic about Wordle. What’s interesting is that the first in rank dominates the trending topic by very large margin.


The Russian trending topic seems different with many other countries. The top ranks are not about entertainment, but about news, especiallya about Ukraine and China. The topic ranks also include NFT and NFT giveaways.


The trending topic is dominated with Jungkook, Harry Styles, and April topics. However, the trending topics rank here also include “DO NOT” topic.


Trending topic regarding April Fool’s Day dominates by far. The rest of the topics are using Korean characters.


The trending topics are dominated by Jungkook and Harry Styles. Other topics are Transgender Day of Visibility which is about awareness of trans people, and Ramadan which pertains to the Moslem’s fasting month of Ramadan which will start in a few days.


Topics pertaining Jungkook and Harry Styles dominate the trend. Topics “April Fools”, “Morbius”, “Insulin” are also present.