Twitter Trending Topic Daily Brief 2022-04-02

We track Twitter trending topics daily. Areas or countries we cover are Worldwide, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, India, Russia, Indonesia, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea. For detailed information, please visit Twitter Trending Topic Monitor.

Here is the report for 2th April 2022. This report is based on data collected on 2th April 2022, 6 pm GMT+7.


The top rank in the Worldwide trending topics consists of Japanese characters. The other trennding topics are quite common in countries, namely the topics of April Fools and Jungkook.


Apart from the currently common trending topics lik April Fools, Jungkook, and Harry Styles, the Australian trending topics also contains “Disney”.


The trending topics are almost the same with other countries, i.e. April Fools, Jungkook, Harry Styles. Qatar topic also appear, maybe pertaining to upcoming soccer World Cup in Qatar.


April April topic significantly dominate German trending topics. This may pertain to a 1935 German comedy film with the same name that has its popularity going up with the new month of April.


Indian trending topics are more similar to Indonesian trending topics like the April Fools and Jungkook topics.


The Indonesian trending topics are also dominated by entertainment topics, but the keywords are more varied. April Fools is in the top rank. K-Pop topics like Jungkook, Kim Taehyung, also other entertainment topics like Cathy Doll and Thai topic are among the top ranks.



Unlike in many other countries, the trending topics here are dominated by topics not about entertainment. The news topic significantly dominate the trending topics. Ukraine and NFT topics follow. Only Jungkook topic appear high in the rank.


Almost similar to other countries, the trending topics in Singapore are April Fools, Jungkook, and Ramadan.


April Fools topic is on the top rank in the trending topic.


The top trending topics are April Fools and entertainment topics such as K-Pop star Jungkook and Harry Styles and Pokemon. Argentina topic appears, possibly regarding ongoing World Cup qualifier soccer competition. Trans Day of Visibility topic reached its peak in the past but still appear here.


The trending topics are dominated by April Fools topic and entertainment topics. The dominant entertainment topics are Jungkook and Harry Styles. Apart from that, Ramadan is also trending, pertaining to the coming fasting month for moslems. Ethiopia appear in trending topic also. This topic may pertain recent news about United Nations convoy entering Tigray, Ethiopia for investigating and giving aid amid war there.