Twitter Trending Topic in 3-Minute Brief | 2022-03-25

We track Twitter trending topics in worldwide scope and in several countries three to four times daily. Here is what we found.

  • Worldwide

In the worldwide category, the World Cup Qualifiers dominate. especially about South American teams, namely Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia. Other topics ini this category are about Doja Cat (an American rapper), Clarence Thomas (a member of American Supreme Court, posibly about his recent hospitalization and about his wife, Ginni Thomas), Ginni Thomas (about her alleged conversation with former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to overturn the recent U.S. election result).

  • United States

The top trending topic for the United States are about similar to the worldwide category.

  • United Kingdom

The top trending topics for U.K. are the World Cup Qualifiers, especially regarding the teams Italy, Colombia, Portugal. The topic ‘Macron’ was conversations about the statements of Emanuel Macron, the French president regarding Ukraine. ‘Joker’ topic surfaced here after the release of the recent Batman movie deleted scenes.

  • South Korea
  • Singapore

The ‘Google’ topic was probably about the recent banning of Google News by the Russian government. ‘Telegram’ is a messaging app. The topic may arise because of the recent mention of Telegram as the platform for information about Ukraine – Russia conflict. “Our Clover Mashiho day” was probably pertains to birthday of a K-Pop star. Topic ‘Metaverse’ also surfaced in yesterday’s trending topic.

  • Russia

The topic ‘Biden’ may arose due to the recent statement by Biden regarding Russia’s involvement in G20. The ‘Google’ topics was probably surfaced due to the recent banning of Google News by Russia. ‘Whitelist’ may pertain to the buying NFT or the process to bypassing restriction of a banned application.

  • Japan
  • Indonesia

The recent top trending topics in Indonesia pertains to Korean entertainment, namely K-Pop and possibly K-Drama also.

  • India

The recent top trending topics in India are mostly about entertainment.’hobi’ is a Korean celebrity. ‘RRR Movie’ is an upcoming Indian movie. The ‘World Cup’, ‘Italy’, ‘Portugal’ topics are about World Cup Qualifiers soccer matches.

  • Germany
  • France

The top trending topics in France are mostly about World Cup and the Batman Movie, especially the Joker character. However, there is also a hashtag #McKinseyGate which is about a possible scandal of ties between French president Macron and U.S. consulting company McKinsey.

  • Australia

The recent trending topics for Australia was about sports and entertainment, namely ‘hobi’ (a Korean celebrity), ‘Japan’ and ‘Italy’ (regarding their respective soccer team in World Cup qualifier), and ‘Joker’ (regarding recent release of deleted scenes of Batman movie).s