COVID-19 World Situation in 2-Minute Brief | 2022-03-20

We monitor the progress of COVID-19 pandemic daily. Here are the latest updates in two-minute brief.

The top five countries with the highest 7-day rolling average of daily new cases in decreasing order are South Korea, Vietnam, Germany, France, United Kingdom. South Korea rises by far with 402 thousand new cases, while Vietnam’s or Germany’s new cases are only around half of South Korea. All of these top five countries are on rising trends, with Vietnam and South Korea on a very steep climb, and Germany with significantly steep rise. France and United Kingdom seem to have just fell from their respective large waves, but they seem to be on their way to new peaks.

The top five countries with the highest 7-day rolling average of daily new deaths are United States, Russia, Brazil, South Korea, China. United States has the highest number with 879 deaths. The good news is that all of these countries are on decreasing or stagnant trend in terms of new deaths, except South Korea. The bad news is that South Korea happen to also have the highest number of 7-day rolling average of daily new cases today. So the two numbers may be correlated.

The graph of top countries with largest 7-day rolling average of case fatality rate (CFR) lines are generally flat. However, the data from Bahamas exihibit somewhat abnormal number with 35 percent case fatality rate. This may be an artefact of the data collection and processing methods. We will see if this pattern will be consistent or not.

The confirmed cases numbers are still dynamic. Some countries are on the rise and others on the declining trend. New deaths are still rising in South Korea and maybe in some other countries. This rise of new deaths coupled with new cases should be noted, especially when this happens the current already widespread vaccination. So we may be returning to normalcy, but we should still take precautions and closely monitor the numbers.

The dataset cited were from Johns Hopkins University, updated 20th March 2022 noon GMT+7 time. View the our COVID-19 World Progress dashboard here.